The Danish Art of Happiness

The concept of Hygge has a warm place in my heart. I've always found myself drawn to simplicity, mindfulness, and a tremendous gratification in anything well organized. It's difficult to name a business something no one knows how to pronounce, but it's the perfect conversation starter that allows me to share my passion and purpose.

Hygge isn't about removal or even minimalism but finding meaning and enjoying everything that surrounds you. It's happiness, cozy contentment, taking time for life's simple pleasures. It's also about togetherness with a focus on social support and an appreciation of nature. I wanted to create a business that shares my passion of hygge and allows others the ability to partake with some assistance. Life gets hectic but we can all find time to take a note from the happiest country in the world and hygge a little.

Emily Pitman

Owner | Advocate